Tuesday, 23 September 2014

Visiting Standen

Arts and Crafts is one of my favourite design movements. This is the reason I was very excited to visit the Standen House (East Grinstead) which was built and designed in this style.

Nature was a great inspiration source to Arts and Crafts motifs. Looking around the house garden I admired so many interesting and colourful plants which could easily fit into a stunning pattern.

Hope you like the photos...



Friday, 12 September 2014

Mushroom Hunting { Lithuania }

I know that for most people mushroom hunt is a strange business. Going around a forest, spotting and picking mushrooms might be quite an alien thing to do for some :) On one of our walks to the seaside we met some mushroom hunters. Here are some photos of our new acquaintances...

Have you ever been mushroom hunting?


Sunday, 31 August 2014

My Current Skincare Heros

Its been a while since I shared some of my skincare favourites. So here are things which I use and love at the moment. Please keep in mind I have a combination skin. I try to target oily areas of my face without over-drying my skin. So here goes:

1. Dermalogica Overnight Clearing Gel - I decided to buy it after some good reviews around this product and I must say I love it. It is an overnight treatment gel which helps to keep my skin clear. It has a Salicylic Acid which means it unplugs pores and helps to prevent future breakouts by reducing access sebum. I apply it at night after I cleansed my face. It works its magic while I sleep and wash it off in the morning. I used it 2 or 3 times a week.

2. CHANEL PURETÉ IDÉALE SÉRUM - Yes, this luxury serum really does the trick. It nicely sinks into my skin leaving it matte and super soft. It is so light but effective. I use it in the morning so it last me a bit longer :)

3. Bioderma - Sebium H2O Cleanser - I use this product to remove my make-up (not eye make-up though). To be totally honest I think I will get back to Bioderma Sensibio as its suitable for the eye make-up removal, but for my combination skin Sebum H2O is a good choice too.

4. Kiehl's - Creamy Eye Treatment with Avocado - This cream is rich and creamy which means a tiny bit goes a long way. The texture is enriched with Avocado to gently moisturise the delicate eye area. I mostly use it in the evening or long weekend mornings as it takes a bit of time to absorb but I can see my eye contour area staying firmer and hydrated.

5. Dermalogica Active Moist - I found another product I love from Dermalogica. This is a lightweight moisturiser which hydrates my skin. Although I have a combination skin sometimes it looks dehydrated. I also love the lavender smell of this product. 

Have you tried any of this stuff? Would love you hear about your skincare findings :) x