Love Street Food - Camden Town

I went to Camden Town to visit my friend Graham who is one of the Burrito Boys and cooks tasty and fresh Mexican food with his friend Alex at Camden Lock Market in London.

I must say I loved the lively Camden Lock Market with food offerings from all over the world.  The smell of food outside can give a different food experience. Unlike in most of restaurants one can see how the food is cooked and presented. Its makes the meal fun and sociable experience.

I think the street food is very much on trend because of various reasons. One of them is its quick but still can be very healthy, fresh and full of flavour. Hmmm wish I could it enjoy more often :)

Do you have your favourite street food?


  1. I was just writing about how I can't find Mexican food in England. It's like you read my mind! x Tamara

  2. The food looks amazing! It's making me hungry and I just had dinner! Beautiful pics as always :)

  3. ‘Do you have your favourite street food?’

    Mexican looks good.

    Anything Euro of high quality would interest, Biruté.

    The boat photo, interesting.

    1) It sort of looks like a toy boat in one of those Euro mini parks, but I really like it.

    2) One of the things I have really enjoyed about England was taking such boat trips in places such as Birmingham and London.

    Hope your week is very good so far.


  4. I like your comments Russ. Yeah the boat trips on Thames and canals are very picturesque.
    Have a good week!

  5. Ahh, I'm jealous. I love Camden Town! Also I want Brazilian food - you should try that next time! It's right next door!

  6. There isn't really any place to get street food in the town I live in, but about an hour away there are some good taco trucks!

  7. Great pics :) Please visit my blog too :)