Inspiring Food { Pied à Terre }

It is incredible how you can discover places you thought never 
existed or can exist. After a tiring struggle through Oxford Circus crowd, busy shops, pubs and cafés we found a little place - Pied à Terre - French gastronomic restaurant, one could hardly notice a humble entrance...but once you step in - the space is full of sophistication.

Our dinner was phenomenal :) everything you would expect from a Michelin star restaurant. The tasting menu was well balanced with incredible flavours which brought new taste discoveries and emotions. This was one of the most innovative food experience I have had in London. I was partly transported to France that evening :)

Have you ever had a mind blowing dinner experience?

Steak Tartare with smoked Eel

Pan-Fried Cod with Heritage Carrot and Anise Purée, Baby Fennel, 

Carrot and Tarragon Sauce

White Chocolate Tart with Macerated Blackberries and Lemon Thyme Ice Cream

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  1. This outfit is awesome dear!!
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    **My best Friend blogspot**

  2. Buonissimo!:)I invate U for my new recpie: pumpkin cake!kisses:)

  3. The food looks delicious! I have never been to a Michelin star restaurant, but going to one is on my bucket list. I think the closest one to where I live is hours away in Chicago.

    Améliorer la Vie

  4. Thanks Lisa, yes this is something I always want to experience too :)

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  6. The food looks fantastic but I wouldn't expect anything less from a Michelin star restaurant! Looks like you had an amazing time and again you have taken some great photos. I would love to go to a Michelin star restaurant I bet its a fantastic experience! Who knows maybe I will one day x

    Jess x

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  8. everything looks sooo delicious

  9. Amazing Food! Merci for your lovely comment on my Blog - hope you‘ll come back soon♡Love, Kyra
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  10. I've never even heard of the place - adding it to my list for sure!
    I love it when that happens. When an incredible meal takes you completely by surprise. Utter bliss.

    {Teffy's Perks} X

  11. 'French gastronomic restaurant'.

    Thanks, looks grand Biruté. Blessings to you and family.

  12. Amazing photos and they made me hungry!