Roman Holiday { Rome - Italy }

Just before Easter I was lucky enough to visit Rome. I always dreamt to go to Rome because it is one of the world's great art centres. I guess all history lessons at school, lectures at university and lots of documentaries about Roman Empire whetted my appetite to explore the ancient city. Also Vatican - a religious centre of Christianity - a home of mind blowing St Peters' Basilica and Sistine Chapel by Michelangelo.
Just walking around can lead you to the masterpieces by great renaissance and baroque artists. Well, and I think nothing can prepare you to the grandeur of Colosseum.  It stroke me with a huge structure and the ancient history it holds. 

The city of Rome is also a food heaven with hundreds of pizzerias and gelaterias. I ate the best pizza ever and got a glance of the Roman social life. Well like they say: when in Rome do as Romans do!

Hope you like the photos from our trip!

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  1. Benvenuti in Italia!:))Bellissime foto! kisses

  2. Good photos and promotion. Blessings to you and family.:)

  3. Gorgeous photos. You are lucky girl. Hope one day to be able to visit this amazing city.

    Fabulous 30s

  4. What a beautiful City! i was there last Year ,summer :) Love your Photos <3
    can we follow each other? :)

    Lovely greets from Vienna ,kisses

  5. i went to Rome years ago and loved it!!!!!!!!!!!!! great pics and it looks like u all had amazing time


  6. Wow. Stunning photos.
    I'd love to do the whole tour Europe thing. Maybe when we save up a little more cash and have a free summer.
    It looks gorgeous, and as always, so do your photos.

  7. Great photos!! Now I must visit Rome!!