Mushroom Hunting { Lithuania }

I know that for most people mushroom hunt is a strange business. Going around a forest, spotting and picking mushrooms might be quite an alien thing to do for some :) On one of our walks to the seaside we met some mushroom hunters. Here are some photos of our new acquaintances...

Have you ever been mushroom hunting?



  1. OMG I feel like at home!I am from Poland and until I was a kid I was going with my dad for mushroom hunting. This weekend he's goiing alone (I am in Italy) for mushroom hunting and he hopes find something good.This summer was rainy so it's possible that he will find some treasures:) Beautiful pics as always:)

    1. Yes its a really great fun :) Hope your dad will find many, I heard its a great year for mushrooms x

  2. Oh! So lovely pics:)
    Have a nice weekend dear,

  3. Beautiful photos. Lovely post :)