Belle France: Part II

When I am in France I always try to look for inspiration in the restaurants and cafes so I can get ideas for my own little kitchen.

I must say one of the highlights of our trip was dinner at La Bartevelle - the gastronomic restaurant with a very friendly service and attention from the owner Stephanie.  Every plate was pretty as a picture and every morsel of food brought joy and surprise! I really appreciated that food was cooked with great attention and respect.

Most of the time in South of France I spent at Argele Sur Mer enjoying the sunshine and the wind (it was very windy for the time of the year). It is a little town with a beautiful sandy beach which is one of the cleanest in France.

Just 12 km away is Collioure - another beautiful tiny town with a castle on the seaside.

Hope everyone is having a great weekend! See you soon! xx


  1. Okay, Birute this is going to sound ignorant but I have seen those 'macaroons' on many blogs but have never seen them in person. They do look very good, so obviously I have never had one. To me they look like little coloured burgers.;) I take it those are the ice cream versions...

    I guess they are not that popular in British Columbia?

    I need to see more of France, a third trip is needed. Very good photos. Hope the rest of your Sunday in grand. Russ

  2. Thanks Russ! Yes, there is a macaroon craze around and not just online. I find them rather elegant :) Hope you are having a good week!

  3. I loooove macaroons! You always have the most amazing photos. I really enjoy them! xoxo

  4. Such lovely places and food!! :)

  5. You have to check my new post!;o)))