SUN -SAND -SEASIDE { Tenerife - Canary Islands }

The holiday season is approaching :) 

I love beach holidays! It’s the most relaxing thing I do in all year :) Its cool to be cool and chill on the beach with a good book... and head to the cocktail bar in the evening ... woohoo! 

My last beach holiday was in Tenerife, one of the Canary Islands, Spain. The island is beautiful with Teide volcano in the middle of the island. 

Have you thought of your ideal summer get away? :) xx


  1. I have lived in Manchester and have visited Northern Europe but ideal holiday for summer would be the Mediterranean. I have over a thousand desktop photos and the ones from there are as good as any.

    Have a very good weekend, Biruté.


  2. Yes, Mediterranean countries are a fantastic location for the holiday :) Have a lovely weekend too Russ!

  3. Amazing amazing photos and you look so beautiful!

  4. I´m going to sea next friday and can´t wait for it! The photos, views, books, sound of waves, starry nights, sand in the shoes, salt in hair, sun in the eyes. Nice post, Biruté:) May like my blog :) have a nice day!

  5. How wonderful! You will love it :) x

  6. Very pretty. I love and need summer holiday! :))